Monday, September 5, 2011

Cloud: The VC Perspective

We saw this video posted on CloudAve, and it got us thinking about the VC perspective on the cloud.

Typically, VCs are thought leaders when it comes to big technology shifts. We have distilled the video down to the most important VC perspectives on the cloud:

  • The biggest barrier to cloud adoption is security - both identity security and data security.
  • In the future, people will only build infrastructure in the cloud, not on premise.
  • The ability for applications to talk to each other in the cloud will be a major development.
  • The cloud is all about balancing convenience and security.
  • The cloud will enable people to think about how to advance their business, instead of how to make technology work.
  • Big enterprise IT is very big. Therefore, there will be lots of opportunity for cloud players to facilitate the big enterprise IT evolution. 
We will continue to follow trends in the venture capital world with regards to cloud, to bring you these kinds of simple insights.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Death of the Laptop, Rise of the Cloud

Walt Lapinsky has a great article on the death of the laptop over on his blog, that got me thinking:

Cloudy Idea: The concept of a laptop is dying as the lines are blurring between devices. Also, the number of devices and technologies that we interact with is increasing significantly. Paranoia around data is going to spur a revolution.

I agree completely with Walt's views on what I call the proliferation of "end points". It's not just a notebook at the office anymore. Now we have laptops, tablets, smartphones, and a plethora of other devices carrying sensitive data. The irony is that businesses are afraid to move to the cloud for fear of losing control of their data. In fact, carrying data on a notebook or smartphone is far more risky. These devices are easily lost, misplaced, or stolen, and the sensitive data along with them.

The solution is a move to the cloud. It solves the data protection/security problem. And it also solves the problem of making data available to these numerous end points. As the laptop dies, the cloud will rise, enabling users to keep their data safe, yet accessible from anywhere, at any time.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Welcome to Cloudy Ideas

The world of cloud computing is complex.

And the world "cloud" is thrown around everywhere, from IT magazines to TV ads. Apple is talking about it. Microsoft is talking about it. It is potentially game-changing for consumers and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

So how do you make sense of it all? 

That's where this blog - Cloudy Ideas - comes in. We will cover the latest news and trends within the cloud industry, then distil and simplify the issues and ideas presented. Declouding the cloud, so to speak.

So make sure you come bookmark us, or subscribe to the feed, and come back often. The cloud is changing the world of computing and you wouldn't want to get left behind.